I am inspired to capture the essential beauty of the moment of people, streets, landscapes, and food of the New England valley where I live, the places I visit in my travels, and Italy, my home country. I was born and raised in Bologna, but I have lived for the past 20 years in Amherst, Massachusetts – very different locales, but both lively college towns that nourish my imagination. My work reflects my love for conversing, engaging and laughing with people in their surroundings, documenting details and character while revealing contrasts and similarities.

What people say….

Isabella has a great sense of timing. She knows when to snap a shot to capture the perfect expression or play of the light. She knows what to say, and when, to really make me laugh. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever spent an hour with Isabella and not laughed at least once. And, Isabella’s passion for photography and design is an inspiration to me. Getting my picture taken used to be an ordeal, but Isabella’s skill and enthusiasm has turned it into a really fun adventure.  

Isabella made us look good - which is kind of remarkable because we are both so wrinkly & odd looking people. She has a way of capturing the nature of our relationship in so many of these pictures.
Erika and Derek

For a project at my workplace, Isabella created environmental portraits and documentary photographs that perfectly communicated the character of the subjects and skillfully illuminated the contexts we sought to capture. Her warm, relaxed manner and thoughtful guidance put us at ease. Her astute eye found beauty and clarity in our surroundings, highlighting our messages and values.

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